A Love Hate relationship

Sorry I didn’t post anything over the weekend, I had several christmas parties I attended, plus normal church activities. Anyway I wanted to talk a little bit about the biggest “Love, Hate” relationship that I have in my life. I think, no I know, that relationship is with food, always has been.

Part of me feels like I am making a good-bye tour of all my favorite foods over the next few weeks, I feel this overwhelming desire to eat all that I can. Knowing that the HMR diet is on the horizon I find myself thinking “what do I want to eat before I can’t eat it anymore.” I know this is a totally unhealthy relationship with food, these last weeks or so have really made me look at how much food really does control my life. So a part of me really does look at this diet as rehab for my food addiction. The first 90 days will obviously be the hardest part of kicking this habit, after that it will be all about relearning some things about food. Like first of all what does a healthy relationship with food look like.

I have been fortunate enough in my life that I have not had to deal with any major addictions, bad habits, sure, but nothing on the level of requiring rehab to fix. To some extent I feel envious of people who have an addiction where they can live there lives, and rearrange them in such a way where they never have to be around that thing again. They can live a life with out that thing, it’s just a matter of learing how to lean on something else. That alone is a tough, daily struggle for them. With food though you can’t just walk away, or arrange your life in such a way where you never have to be around it. We need it in our lives and avoiding it is not an option. So the million dollar question is how do you kick an addiction, while still using the thing your addicted to? That is what will occupy my mind for the better part of this journey!


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