Week #3 results

Well as promised I am posting the results of my 3rd week weigh in. So here they are:





Total: 30.1

I have to say that i am super excited about the weight loss this week. I was gone out of town with teenagers this weekend so I was most definitely out of my normal routine and away from home. So it could have been disastrous, but I was able to stay focused and on track! I blew past the 25 pound milestone, next stop is the 50 pound mark, and then into the 300’s!


Results of the weekend youth Trip.

I talked about last week that I was taking a group of teenagers out of town this weekend to a winter youth retreat. it was a long weekend and it was definitely filled with lots and lots of temptations, but I made it through! I sat and watched as the kids and other adults ate biscuits and gravy, fried Chicken, pancakes, and on and on and on. I was actually ok most of the time as long as I stayed on schedule and stayed ahead of my hunger. It really proved to me that if I can stay “in the box” while at a camp facing down food temptation for 3 straight days, I have no doubt that I can stick with this program.

Tonight is my weekly meeting and weigh in so I am looking forward to what I have lost this week. After two strait weeks of 11 pound losses, I am not holding my breath for another double digit week. Any thing over the 5 pound mark will just be a bonus.

A major test of my will power

This weekend I will be forced to face my will power head on. I am taking a group of teenagers out of town this weekend for a youth retreat. So all weekend I will be out of town, out of routine, and away from everything normal. So I have known for quite some time that this weekend was coming on the calendar, so luckily I have a plan of attack for the weekend. I actually sat down and wrote out my eating plan for the weekend, when I am going to eat and what, just so I could ensure staying “in the box”. So last night I did the most important packing of the weekend, I packed all my food, flavorings, blender and everything I will need to ensure that I stay in the box. Mostly though I will have to rely on my will power to get me through, the old saying “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” is so true!!

I will let you know how the weekend goes Sunday night when I get home. On a quick side note I weighed in at the gym yesterday and according to there scale I have lost another 5 pounds. That is unoffical, but it is exciting none the less, if that’s true I am now around 28 pounds!!

Reason to lose weight #2937

A whole new wardrobe of clothes you have grown out of!

Even though I am just starting on this little diet journey, and am a mere 23 pounds in I can already tell that my clothes are fitting better. I have tightened my belt up by one notch, tying my shoes is no longer a hard proposition. I am already looking forward to next weekend spending a day going through my closet to find all those clothes that I have relegated to the “dryer shrunk this shirt” pile! I do know one thing and that is I have a lot of clothes that I grew out of stuck in the back corner of my closet!

Week #2 Results

┬áLast night was my third class and the end of my second full week on the diet. As you can see from my medical chart I had another very sucessful week! I lost 11.3 pounds only .6 less then I lost last week. my total weight loss in two weeks is 23.2 I am super excited about where I am right now, I am very content with the structure of things and how they are playing out right now. All I have to do right now is just stay the course and let the weight continue to fall off of me! I’ll post progress pictures here in another couple week!

They gave us a new product to try in class lost night, it’s a pudding. I am now looking forward to adding a wide variety of puddings to my daily diet!

just a quick note

I wanted to share with you real quick, something that happened to me yesterday. I was enjoying a nice quiet day at home doing nothing, typical Saturday for me! I was doing my food journal for the end of the day trying to figure out what my intake (calories eaten) and output (calories burned) was, when I figured I actually had to eat more food. I never thought I would get to a point on this diet that I wasn’t hungry, let alone a point where I was so satisified and not hungry that I actually needed to sit down and eat some more! That makes just another small victory for me on this journey!

Tomorrow is meeting night, so I will weigh in and get all of my week #2 numbers. I actually weighed myself twice this week and I have a good guess at where I will land this week, I have my fingers crossed that that is where I land. Will let you know tomorrow!

mid week report

Well I am happy to say that I am now at the half way point of week number two and so far so good. I came into this week with two goals on my plate; (1) to up the amount of working out I am doing and (2) be more vigilant about my water intake. I am happy to say that so far I am doing well on both fronts.

I have gone to the gym every day this week and have completed a half hour on the elliptical with ease! The nature of the diet that I am working with is such a low calorie diet, 900-1,050 calories a day that I am limited in the amount of working out that I can do. We keep track of our PA or Physical Activity based on intensity and current weight. So the last three days my PA calories have been between 650 and 690 so as a result my “net” calorie intake has been low.

On the water front I have most definitely been trying a lot harder to get all of my water in. My educator told us that we are only required to take in 2 quarts of water a day, but being a bigger guy and knowing that water can’t hurt me I have been attempting to double that every day, and coming close most days.

I weighed my self twice today, once while at the doctor’s office where they said that I had lost 3pds since monday, and once at the gym 2 hours later where they said I had lost 5pds since monday. So borrowing the old SciFy mantra “The truth is out there”! So here’s hoping I have a strong finish to week number two.