The number one question I get asked…

I have now been on this diet a total of two and half days, and so far I am really liking this diet. I have a large shake every three hours and thanks to my mom and all of the tips that she gave me I have not yet been bored with anything. From the chocolate caramel mocha I have every morning to the vanilla Peanut Butter shake I have a lunch, or the hot chocolate shake that I end my day with, I have been more then satisfied with the variety that I have been able to have!

The number one question that always get asked after telling people that I am doing a liquid diet is, “Don’t you crave food?” or “Don’t you have to just chew something?” My answer to that is almost always the same, Not really, admittedly we are still early in this process so you might want to come back and talk to me in a month or two, but right now, I am perfectly content to let this diet do it’s magic and see where it takes me.


One thought on “The number one question I get asked…

  1. Good answer!! I’m into this now for 5 months and am still doing fine. I can prepare food, smell food and it doesn’t really bother me because I’m committed to getting my weight under control!!

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