My first whisper of some sucess…

I wanted to share two quick things with everyone:

  • First of all, I was at the gym last night working out on the elliptical machine and decided to hope on the scale in the locker room before I started. Now keep in mind this was a different scale, different time of the day, and by no means official, how ever after three short days I lost… 10 pds. Now I know that at the start of any diet your body dumps a lot of water weight, but never the less I can’t be happier about this quick start.
  • Secondly, on Tuesday night I went for a walk around the high school track across from my house, cause of the fact I am on such low calories I was not able to be gone for that long, only about 30 mins. I was however to end the walk stronger then I thought, I was able to run the last 100 yards to my house. I know thats not a lot long way in the scheme of running a 5K it is however another step to build on. So between now and the end of April I will hopefully find the strength to run the rest of that 5K.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!


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