Successful first Weekend!!

I will have to say that I am proud of myself for making it through my first weekend on this diet! Friday night and Saturday were not that hard to stay with actually, I did not have all that much going on and I was able to stick close to the house and stay on schedule. I do have to give credit to my mom for passing along a brand new recipe for me to use on this diet. A simple recipe for a pancake, that may seem like a little thing, but after a week of nothing but shakes it was nice to have something to chew on. I will say though that yesterday was by far the most difficult test to my ability to stay on this diet. My traditional timeline for eating is 9, 12, 3, 6, 9, and 11. well I was gone for 4 of those yesterday and out with other people who were generally eating so, my self control got a work out yesterday. I am happy to report that I successfully stayed “in the box” yesterday and didn’t cheat. I have no doubt that most of my Sundays will be like this. The nature of my job and when I spend time with people I am always around food, and rather then insulate myself from people who eat and food itself, I will just have to face it head on and develop a resistance to it!

Tonight is week two of meetings, check ups, and weigh ins! I am definitely looking forward to weigh in tonight. I am kinda anxious to see how much I do end up losing this first week. The workers at the weight loss center were placing bets last week trying to see how much weight I lost during week one. There guess’ all ranged from 16-20 pounds, if I do in fact lose that much I will be absolutely over joyed at the results, however any weight loss will be a welcome change! if I were to guess my weight loss I would say 15, just based on the face I can already start to feel the difference in my clothes!

So here is to the success of week on and many more to follow!


One thought on “Successful first Weekend!!

  1. Congratulations on staying “in the box”!!! You’ll learn as you go that indeed it does get better when faced with being in a group of people who can eat “normal” foods for them and one day you will be able to once again eat out but it will be a “NEW NORMAL” for you!!

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