Week One Results

Last night was my first weight in, I was a little bit nervous about how it was going to work out. I had high hopes, I knew going in from previous diets that in the first week you have a potential to lose alot of weight in a hurry mostly due to increased activity and water weight. I started the first night at 455, last night I came in at 443! That’s a 12 pound loss, I was kinda hoping and wishing that is would have been more, but all the while over joyed for 12.

In week two I have a couple of goals for myself, the first of which is to up my daily workouts, last week I was only doing 20-30 min walks. The other goal is to be more faithful with the water intake, at the start of last week I was taking in +/- 1 gallon of water every day, later in the week I wasn’t as faithful to that. This week I really want to make sure and get lots and lots of water.

Here’s to a great week 2 and another great weight loss number!


2 thoughts on “Week One Results

  1. That’s so awesome! Great job! Definitely drink a lot of water and get active this week. 12 pounds is a great first week weigh in! Keep up the awesome work!

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