Random thoughts from the day

I am now 3 days in to week number three and my commitment to work out more this week and drink more water. I am happy to report that I am doing better on both fronts.

Both Monday and Tuesday of this week I dramatically increased the length of workout time and I loved it! Monday evening I went for a walk for almost an hour at a good pace. Tuesday I went to the gym over the lunch hour and did the elliptical for a half hour. Both were good workouts and in both cases I felt dramatically better. I do rather like working out over the lunch hour cause it makes me feel so much better the rest of the day!

On the water front I have been drinking my share of water. It really is amazing how drinking  an ample amount of water during the day makes you feel so much better!

Today being wednesday, is one the the two days of the week that it is really a challenge for me to remain faithful to this way of eating. Today I am scheduled to have a lunch meeting with one of my youth ministry kids at a local restaurant. Then tonight we have our weekly family meal at the church that is always home cooked and loaded with great food and amazing deserts. After evening youth group I always go out to eat with the students, and this is always to my favorite restaurant Wings To Go. As a result today is one day when I can’t insulate my self from the temptations of normal food, so as I have learned over the years from sports and countless war movies the best defense is a good offense. So as long as I stay on schedule with my meals and don’t get hungry I know today can be another win! Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts from the day

  1. GOOD LUCK! This made me think that another item you should purchase next week would be a box of the 70’s so you could take with you when you eat with the kids because you can make a pudding right in the pouch! It only counts as 1/2 a shake but at least you can have something other than just soda.

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