mid week report

Well I am happy to say that I am now at the half way point of week number two and so far so good. I came into this week with two goals on my plate; (1) to up the amount of working out I am doing and (2) be more vigilant about my water intake. I am happy to say that so far I am doing well on both fronts.

I have gone to the gym every day this week and have completed a half hour on the elliptical with ease! The nature of the diet that I am working with is such a low calorie diet, 900-1,050 calories a day that I am limited in the amount of working out that I can do. We keep track of our PA or Physical Activity based on intensity and current weight. So the last three days my PA calories have been between 650 and 690 so as a result my “net” calorie intake has been low.

On the water front I have most definitely been trying a lot harder to get all of my water in. My educator told us that we are only required to take in 2 quarts of water a day, but being a bigger guy and knowing that water can’t hurt me I have been attempting to double that every day, and coming close most days.

I weighed my self twice today, once while at the doctor’s office where they said that I had lost 3pds since monday, and once at the gym 2 hours later where they said I had lost 5pds since monday. So borrowing the old SciFy mantra “The truth is out there”! So here’s hoping I have a strong finish to week number two.


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