A major test of my will power

This weekend I will be forced to face my will power head on. I am taking a group of teenagers out of town this weekend for a youth retreat. So all weekend I will be out of town, out of routine, and away from everything normal. So I have known for quite some time that this weekend was coming on the calendar, so luckily I have a plan of attack for the weekend. I actually sat down and wrote out my eating plan for the weekend, when I am going to eat and what, just so I could ensure staying “in the box”. So last night I did the most important packing of the weekend, I packed all my food, flavorings, blender and everything I will need to ensure that I stay in the box. Mostly though I will have to rely on my will power to get me through, the old saying “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” is so true!!

I will let you know how the weekend goes Sunday night when I get home. On a quick side note I weighed in at the gym yesterday and according to there scale I have lost another 5 pounds. That is unoffical, but it is exciting none the less, if that’s true I am now around 28 pounds!!


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