staying on track

One of the questions that I get asked on a regular basis is how do not cheat on such a strict diet like the HMR all liquid diet. The biggest thing that I have found helpful is the need to stay on track with my meals! So I thought that today I would give a brief rundown of my normal day and how I have structured it.

9:00 am Breakfast, this is Oatmeal (from HMR). Most mornings I take this to the office with me and I make it there and eat it while starting my day. 

12:00pm Shake, I usually grab a shake on my way out the door to the gym! I am not a morning person so I generally stay away from the early morning workout time. the gym is usually less crowded at this time and since my schedule is flexible so I take advantage of this time. While at the gym I usually do the Elliptical machine for about 30 minutes or so, love to use this machine! I also do circuit training a couple of days a week which provides a good change up from the every day routine of the elliptical! 

3:00 pm I have another shake. By this time in the afternoon, my workout is over, and i am back in the office. I more often then not have a hot coffee shake at this time. Hot Coffee blended with a choclate shake, a great way to make it through the day. 

6:00 pm most nights I grab two packets of chicken soup (from HMR). Most evenings I am out doing something, weather it is meeting with teenagers or doing PUblic Address for athletic events. The soup makes for a great dinner type meal and is easy to take with me. 

9:00 pm (or whenever I get home for the evening) I generally have a packet or two of pudding (from HMR). there is alot of variety to these if I add any kind of sugar free, fat free instant pudding mix. I also like to have this at the end of the day, cause it is a great meal to have while I watch the evening news. 

Well there you have it my typical day, the best part of eating like this is that I always stay ahead of my hunger, and I am never far away from my next meal. The other thing that I always make sure and do is drink between 3 quarts and a gallon of water every day, this does not count what it in my shakes, or if I drink a diet soda or two.

Have a blessed day!


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