Week #5 results

Yesterday was an odd day here in Jonesboro with the sleet and snow that we had yesterday afternoon, my normal schedule was off and things had to be done a little differently. I haven’t posted in a few days so I wanted to catch up on several things this morning.

  1. I finally ventured into the world of HMR Entrees last week. Last Saturday night I made a vegetable soup with some Chicken Muffins (I use the word muffins loosely). I can not express how good that tasted to a guy who has just had shakes and Oatmeal for the last 5 weeks. I was in heaven eating that, I guess it just goes to show that it is indeed a matter of perspective. Now I am actually getting to the point where I am looking forward to the day that I can add fruits and vegetables back into my diet!
  2. I have really started to get into the whole swimming thing. I cant believe how winded I get just from swimming several laps in the pool, but a half hour in the pool is a whole lot less mundane than churning away on an elliptical for 30 minutes or so, it is a great way to keep my daily workouts fresh! The other thing about working out that I never thought I would say is that I think I am actually starting to like it. I have found that I have got to do something every day, cause without it I feel sluggish and not on top of things at all.
  3. I wanted to update you all on my weight loss progress through week #5. here are the numbers so far:

Starting……1/9……455.3……0 pds lost

Week #1……1/16……443.4……11.9 pds lost

Week #2……1/23……432.1……23.2 pds lost

Week #3……1/30……424.0……31.3 pds lost

Week #4……2/6……414.9……40.4 pds lost

Week#5……2/13……409.0……46.3 pds lost

I did want to thank everyone for there words of encouragement and support over these first 5 weeks, they have been awesome! Hopefully the next 5 weeks are as successful as the first 5 were!


5 thoughts on “Week #5 results

  1. I too am trying to loose weight and in 4 weeks i have lost 20 using the Ideal Protein Diet. Not as strick as yours but it is still a process. Good Luck and keep going. After 4 weeks it seems to get harder and easier to go crazy with eating but stick to your goal and I am sure you will continue wisely.

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