Where I want to be…

The deeper that I get into this whole journey and life transformation, the more and more I find myself setting small goals to mark my progress by. So I thought what better place for me to set out a few of these markers so that I have something to continually strive for.

  1. Drop below the 400 pound mark
  2. Cross the 100 pound mark weighing in at 355
  3. match my lowest weight of 299
  4. Cross the 200 pound mark weighing in at 255
  5. Hit my goal weight of 225

miscellaneous goals:

  1. Successfully run a 5K
  2. Successfully run a 10K
  3. Wear cloths not found in the big and tall section
  4. Sit in any restaurant booth with out fear of fitting.
  5. Be able to play pick up sports. (Not that I want to, but to be able to if I wanted to.)
  6. Be able to fly with out using a seat belt extender or being uncomfortable sitting next to someone.

I will most definetly be adding to these as time goes along!


2 thoughts on “Where I want to be…

  1. The goals are all great! but miscellaneous number six will never happen!! I weigh 180 and I am uncomfortable sitting next to someone in an airplane seat. those seats are just too small!! Keep up the good work Duane! Thanks for sharing this journey with us. It encourages me as I too strive to be more fit and disciplined.

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