A few random thoughts.

  • I enjoyed another successful cheat free weekend on the diet. I was out with the teenagers last night at a pizza place and this sat in front of me, I am glad that I can say I was able to not partake. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I thought more than once about taking a small piece or a just a sausage, but I made it out with just the lingering smells, not the taste! 
  • Saturday I once again ventured into the world of HMR entrees I bought a vegetable beef stew last week and was trying think of a good way to use it. I had a recipe for Chicken muffins using the Chicken soup powder from HMR, so I made a “Pot Pie” out of them and it was amazing. When I tell people what I had that for supper saturday night a lot of people turn up their nose and say something like “I can’t stand pot pies!”  I will have to say though that to someone who has only shakes every day the chance to have a hot meal with real food once a week is always amazing. I now use these “in the box” meals as a reward for a great week of hard work on the diet! 
  • Like I talked about last week I weighed in at 409! That gives me a total weight loss so far of 46 pounds and some change. This week I have a couple of very large milestones looming on the horizon! The first major one is the 50 pound mark, to hit this in just 6 weeks of dieting would be awesome! The other mark that is close this week is to be able to drop out of the 400’s this is another one of those major milestones that I have the possibility of hitting this week. I have had 10 pound weeks in the past and will most definitely need one if I have any chance of dropping to at least 399.9 tonight.
  • It has been another great weekend in the gym. I have gotten to the point in the journey already that I can’t see myself looking forward to my trips to the gym. I have gotten used to the 30-45 mins of workouts every day and I am even beginning to branch out in to swimming, biking and other areas. It is an awesome feeling to go from dreading a workout to actually enjoying my time!
  • The date has been set for my 5K run! April the 21st there is a 5K race here in town that I will be participating in. I have just over 2 months to continue to lose weight and get ready for this amazing event. I know for a fact that I can complete that distance, but the goal is to run the whole thing non stop without walking! we shall see how it all goes.

3 thoughts on “A few random thoughts.

  1. I have really enjoyed reading about your progress. It is an amazing journey you are on. You have done fantastic. You may even motivate me to start some exercise. That is the thing I hate and both need the most. Keep up the great work.

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