Week #6 Update

As I promised last night on my twitter feed here is the updated numbers for my current weight loss progress. I talked a couple of days ago about 2 milestones that were on the horizon for me; One, that I would hit the 50 pounds lost mark, and two, that I would drop in to the 300’s on my weight. Well I am super happy to have hit the 50 pound mark, and say I was as close as I could have come to dropping in to the 300’s without actually getting there as I could have gotten. I weighed in at 400.0 last night, oh well a 9 pound loss in a week is amazing!!

Starting……1/9……455.3……0 pds lost

Week #1……1/16……443.4……11.9 pds lost

Week #2……1/23……432.1……23.2 pds lost

Week #3……1/30……424.0……31.3 pds lost

Week #4……2/6……414.9……40.4 pds lost

Week #5……2/13……409.0……46.3 pds lost

Week #6……2/20……400.0……55.3 pds lost

I will say that I am absolutely thrilled with my progress in just 6 weeks. If you would have told me that I could lose nearly 60 pounds in that amount of time, I would have said that you were crazy. Yet here I am on the brink of dropping back in to the 300’s hitting another milestone. I am so grateful for everyone who is following this journey I am on, and the kind words that I am getting from everyone!

Have a blessed day!


7 thoughts on “Week #6 Update

  1. Congrats, man! Keep up the awesome work. There’s nothing quite like seeing that top number tick over. You’ll be in the 2’s before you even know it.

      • They’ll roll up on you quicker than you think, man. I started about where you did weight-wise on HMR and moved a little slower. At some point you’re going to see the loss start to taper off which can be kind of a mindf***, but stay with it and make sure you have an exit strategy so you can sustain a healthy lifestyle long-term (that’s been my focus in the year and a half I’ve been off the program).

      • WP isn’t letting me respond directly to your comment below, for some reason. But, yeah, I’ve kept it all off and then some which actually requires more effort long-term than the initial weight loss. You really have to center your life around something completely different than what you were doing before. I went from 446 to 286 in 8 months on HMR, and I’m just getting sub-250 after trying some different diet and fitness things. Trying to get down around 200 or so by mid-year.

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