It’s all about the little victories

Today I went to the clothes archive and pulled out a size 48 pair of jeans, I was tight in a size 52 when I started! So I am happy to say that they fit!! I have decided that I am going to have to start wearing dress clothes to the office on a daily basis just so I can wear some of these clothes that I am now growing into, because I know that soon I will be growing right back out of them. So hopefully I will be able to tell you in the not to distant future that I have out grown my 48’s and moved in to the 46’s!

I did get a bit of bad news from the doctor this week about starting to run. They told me they didn’t want me to start running yet, because of the fact that I have so much momentum right now and the possibility that I might hurt myself and derail my current momentum. So for now I will stay with the elliptical, swimming, and the stationary bike and hopefully soon I will be able to add running to my list of cardio!


2 thoughts on “It’s all about the little victories

  1. Sweet! When do we get to see the progress pic with you and the shirt? When will they let you run? Are they looking for you to hit a curtain weight or does it have to do with the diet?

    • there biggest concern about the running is hurting myself running and stopping all of the momentum that I currently have. I understand, but I wish I could run, the other issue right now is since I am on such low calories (like 800-900 a day) running would not be good for me. Hopefully when I get some more weight off and add some more food, they will let me run more.

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