Two Month photos

well as promised yesterday here are the two month progress photos. The before picture was taken on janirary 9th at my heaviest of 455 and the other was taken this morning at about 385 pounds. I wasn’t until I saw this pictures just now that I could truely see the difference for myself!









12 thoughts on “Two Month photos

    • at this point it has become apart of what I do. I eat this way without even really thinking about it, I can go out to eat with kids or other people and it doesnt bother me to see them eat. The one thing that I am doing now and trying to change up is making sure I don’t get in to much of a rut doing the same thing day in and day out. So i always try new flavors and reciepes that I can within my limited range of options, and I do the same thing for my workouts as well.

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