I think I have officially crossed to the dark side

Last night I was at home watching College basketball, the Nebraska Cornhuskers were playing in the Big Ten tourney. While watching the game not only did I remember why I follow husker football and not basketball, but I also saw a Hardee’s commercial they were advertising their “Monster Thick Burger.” Now in the past I would have watched this late night commercial for this fast food calorie bomb (1450 Calories) and had thoughts of “how can I get one of these at this time of night,” and “how late is Hardees open tonight?”

I will say though that I actually saw this commercial and thought “I can’t believe I used to eat that!” I cant believe that I used to regularly indulge in such meals, not that they aren’t good for special events (very special), but eating food like that on a regular basis is how I got myself into size 52 pants and a weight of 455. I am not going to write to you today and say that I am “cured” of that kind of eating, but I will say that the first step to recovery is “admitting that there is a problem.” So I guess I have made it past that stage! So as I drink my shakes and continue to “detox” from my mega-high fat diet, maybe I can continue to see some of my old favorites and say “I can’t believe I used to eat that!”


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