Setting new Goals for the long haul

As I have often talked about on this blog, I try to set goals in my weight loss. It gives me something to work for during my journey. I have often talked about how I wanted to lose 100 pounds by easter Sunday, I am still 25 pounds away from that goal. So it looks like I will make it to the 100 pound lost mark my mid to late April, which is still an incredible feat to have accomplished in less the 3.5 months! So I have been thinking the last couple of days, what my next stretch goal is going to be, and I think I have come up with a good plan.  I currently weigh in the neighborhood of 373 and some change, I want to reach the 200’s by my birthday, July the 5th! That is 15 weeks and with the current level of calorie intake and my increasing level of Physical Activity I real feel like this is an attainable goal. Even if I don’t make it to that point by my birthday, I know that being even within 20 pounds, would be in an incredible spot health wise! I wanted something on the horizon though that I would continue to look and say “I would love to be here, by this time” so I looked at major events coming and found the perfect spot to look to. Every fall I attend a youth ministry conference in the Rockies, it is a great week of spiritual retreat, fellowship with other youth ministers, and just good times. This year it is in Mid-October, so what better spot on the calendar then that event. That is about 29 weeks away from today, to be able to leave on the retreat having lost 175 pounds would be awesome and make hiking in the mountains enjoyable. To be able to lose 200 pounds, by that date would be absolutely amazing!! So whether it’s 175 pounds or 200 pounds by then, being able to reach that goal in 9.5 months will be an awesome thing!!


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