Putting away the old things

I have talked about several times on here about how one of the great joys of losing weight is fitting in to new clothes. When I started losing weight on the 9th of January I was wearing a 4X shirt, and to be quite honest I was a 20 piece boneless wing meal away from a 5X. My pants were a size 52 that fit tightly. Last night I successfully took another step down the size ladder. About 2 weeks ago I was given a size 2X Green Bay Packers polo shirt, my friend and I share a love of that team and he said, “here is something to aspire to.” Well last night I fit into it good enough to wear it into public! 

I know the next question I will get is when am I going to publish a pic with me in the XL shirt, that will come sometime next week after completing 3 months. I had been letting my jeans get baggier and baggier here lately and decided that I wanted to get a new pair, if for no other reason then to satisfy my curiosity. Well I am happy to say that I am currently wearing a size 46, I haven’t been in this size in 8 years! So here is to my 4X shirts and 52″ jeans, enjoy your new life waiting on a trip to the thrift store!!


3 thoughts on “Putting away the old things

  1. Nice job and congrats on getting a great Center (Saturday). I am a huge Colts fan. The only thing that sucks about changing clothes sizes is the cost to buy all of the new sizes. I am sure that is a cost we like to talk about.

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