The side Effects of losing weight

I’ve talked a lot on here about the benefits of losing weight, like buying new clothes, fitting into restaurant booths, or having more energy. Today I want to share with you the my medical numbers the real reason that I am super excited to be losing weight.

Blood Pressure:

When I started this whole diet thing back in January I went in to get my initial numbers checked and when they took my blood pressure it was 210/120. Last week as they checked my blood pressure it was 116/72. Completely normal and below the suggested target!


For someone who is my age cholesterol is not something that you tend to worry about, when I started however my total cholesterol was 180, and now today it is at 144.


This for me is the one number that was craziest for me, they measure the amount of fat in your blood. The day that I started this diet they were at 298, considered a high level and at risk for lots of bad things. Today they are at 149, a completely normal level.

They also tested both my blood sugar, for risk of Diabetes, and Uric Acid levels, for risk of Gout. Both of these tests were already completely normal when i started the diet. It is absolutely crazy to me to see how much my medical health has been drastically changed for the better!


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