Why I can’t afford to cheat

Now that I have been on this “diet” for a while and I have had good success I am beginning to get a new question all the time. The first question I always get is “How are you losing weight?”, but the second question I always get is “when are you going to eat normally again?”. When every I get asked that question I just can’t help but think, eating normally is what got me there in the first place! I also get the “well you can cheat just this once can’t you?”, I always have to tell them no and keep a strict zero tolerance on cheating. So why be so rigid about it? Say I for instance I do grab just a handful of dorrito’s (my favorite chip) that’s almost 150 calories, that’s how many calories I have in an entire shake! The thing is once you open that door it’s like opening Pandora’s Box. I know for a fact that if I ever get a taste for dorrito’s one handful is not enough, before I knew it I would have eaten half a bag of those things and 150 calories is now 1500! Same thing goes for anything that is “out of the Box” for me.

Another reason I have a zero tolerance on cheating is because I have too much momentum going right now. The Patriots didn’t bench Tom Brady in favor of one of their backups in the midst of their Superbowl runs! Everyone in the world would think they are absolutely crazy, but yet we essentially do the same thing when we cheat just once on a diet! While losing at a very steady pace of 6.5 pounds a week, one slip of cheating could set me back a week or more!

So I will continue to be adamant about not cheating, and protecting by momentum!



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