Handling an off week.

I posted earlier today that I lost 4.2 pounds last week, a good week by any imagination in the diet realm. After having a day to think about why I am disappointed in that number I have come up with the following comparison. I am a big time Green Bay Packers fan, grew up in Wisconsin and have followed them most of my life. Last year was a great season for them they got off to a great start 13-0 actually and every week was a great win and great time to watch and celebrate. Well when they got to Kansas City, a team they were way better than, they dropped the ball. They didn’t execute, they were sloppy, and let their guard down, they were still a great team and continued to have good regular season success. I can remember the next morning after that loss as a Packer fan, I felt deflated, let down, and disappointed, like they could have played so much better.

That is about how I felt last night, I’ve had a great string of successful weeks on this diet, and I think that I let a couple of the little things slide and it caught me. As I look back at last week, I didn’t get in the amount of water that I need to be getting, and I also was eating oatmeal and pudding in place of regular shakes too much, I also may have been taking in too much diet soda. So you can take a personally tough night on the scale one of two ways, sulk around for a few days, or figure out the problem and get back tot he basics. Today I have committed to the later, a couple of days of just shakes, drastically reduce diet soda intake, and dramatically increase water intake. If I still stay at the 4 pound range next week, I will be satisfied knowing that I did all I could to facilitate my weight loss.

I guess after thinking about it maybe I’m not so mad at the 4.2 weight loss as I am at the fact that I let my body down, by not doing all I could to help it lose weight!


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