Week #20 Update

It doesn’t hardly seem possible that we are already 20 weeks in to this journey. It seems like only yesterday, I was living on fast-food, wearing 52″ jeans and 4X shirts, and laughing off any thought of exercise. Fast forward to today and my oh my how things have changed!! I now never touch anything that is not “in my box”, in fact the thought of always eating fast food doesn’t even appeal to me right now. Today I am wearing 40-42″ jeans and a XL-XXL shirt, as seen by the recent update “the Shirt” is now super close to fitting! The other major change is now exercise has become an absolute essential in my daily routine!

There are several things that have happened recently that I want to update you on:

  • I have been putting off running partially on doc’s advice and partly cause of pain I have been having in my hip. I was feeling good saturday and decided to give running a try and actually ran for about 10 minutes, then yesterday I went out again and this time I ran a mile! All of that running and I actually had no pain, and felt better after running than I do after a long walk! I cannot begin to tell you how big of an accomplishment that is, the last time I ran a complete mile was when I was a freshman in high school, that is almost 20 years ago! Now the next goal is to run a complete lap around Craighead Lake (2.4 miles) and then the outer road (2.9 miles). Maybe a 5K is as not as far in my future as I thought it was.
  • With June also comes my busy travel season, I will be gone with teenagers 3 of the next 7 weeks. I will also have lots of day trips, and lots of other miscellaneous events that could potentially derail my progress. So after 20 weeks of faithful “in the box” commitment these next 8 weeks will put that resolve and dedication to the test!
  • Due to the fact that the length of the numbers list is getting so long I have created a seperate page just for it, and you can fid it here.
  • I am now only 14.5 pounds away from being in the 200’s a feat I hope to accomplish by my birthday on the 5th of July! What a great gift to myself that will be. The other part of that goal is to be able to wear “the Shirt” out in public on my birthday!

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