Week #22 update

I really must apoligize for not having an update last week. The summer camp season has started and I was at camp with senior highers last week. The week was exahausting, but very rewarding as well. The good news is that i was able to stay 100% in the box the entire week. I mean in retrospect when I look back at it camp cafeteria food does not rate with hot wings or burgers, and if I can resist them then that should have been no problem, and it wasn’t!

I was able to do a couple of things while at camp that I normally wasn’t able to do. I played ultimate freesbee with all the kids for about an hour and a half one afternoon, and then played soccer the next day! I was so excited to actually be in the game that I didn’t notice that I really was acttually bad at it…haha.

These two weeks were also really sucesfull on the weight loss front as well in the two weeks I was able to lose 10.3 pounds, bringing my total up to 151.1!! I am so pumped to cross another huge milestone like this! You can see my complete numbers here.

I am off to another wild adventure with teenagers next week, so an update may not be likely, but you can rest assured that I will be in the box and on the way to more weight loss sucess!


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