Week #24 update

As I talked about several weeks ago, my updates will continue to be sparse during the summer months. This week I am back to my routine following a great trip with the teenagers to a youth conference in Holland,MI. Here are several things from the last two weeks:

  • I played football in Lake Michigan with some of the guys last week, after an hour of running, jumping and diving in waist deep water, my legs and hips were shot. However, it was awesome to be able to keep up with the kids for that long!!
  • While at the Christ in Youth conference last week, I had the chance to run in to several people I only see occasionally. It was great to see their reactions, and get the chance to retell my story! They all told me how they love keeping up with my story, which I still can’t get over, but a shout out to those friends that I saw last week that read my blog!
  • I wore “the Shirt” in public for the first time last Sunday!! It was an awesome day to get to wear it to church and share it with so many people who have been a great encouragement to me!
  • I had to stare down some of my fiercest temptations this week, we had breakfast at Dunkin’ Doughnuts one morning, and Pizza Hut that night. That was not an easy day, but it felt so great to stare those foods down and win the battle of wills!
  • My weight loss journey is now on the HMR national site. You can click here and read it for yourself!
  • I sat in a booth at a restaurant yesterday, and when I sat down I thought to myself, “wow, these booths are huge!” it was just really nice not to have to squeeze into a booth!
  • I had my two-week weigh in today and I am happy to say that I weighed in at about 293 pounds!! That is the lightest that I have been my adult life! You can see the details of this week numbers here! That also means that I was able to reach my goal of being under 300 pounds by my birthday.

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