A new level to reach for

So I have talked previously on this blog about my desire to run a 5K or 10K at some point before thanksgiving time. It looks like according to the local racing calendar there is a 10K on the 3rd of November that I am going to be preparing for and running in. I have already begun to prepare for this race, by doing some road running 2-3 times a week. I got up and ran 2 miles this morning, after spending an hour on the elliptical yesterday that was all my legs would let me do. I am really encouraged though, cause that gives me 3 months to work up to the 10K level and I have no doubts that I can make it there. So now that my goal is public and official, I need to go and work hard at reaching that next level.


Friday randomness

We had a good rain last night and so things were a lot cooler today! I went to the lake at lunch this morning and was able to be out their without collapsing of heat exhaustion so I decided to see how the running thing would go. I ran 3 miles, let me say that again THREE MILES!! Super excited about another step forward in my journey! Then after the three mile run I walked a lap around the lake, which is about 2 miles. It feels good to be worn out from pushing myself!

I decided that it was time for me to break out some more pictures for y’all. The first is my normal set of mug shots, but then the last one is a compilation of all my face shots month-by-month all year-long.

Have a blessed and safe weekend!


Week #28 update

Well I have successfully finished another week on my journey and with it have inched ever closer to my ultimate goal. I began the week at 277.6 and finished the week at 270.7. That is an amazing weight loss of 6.9. I was absolutely shocked with a weight loss of that much, but I’ll take it!! That puts my weight loss to a staggering 184.6 pounds.

The next milestone that is now within reach is the 200 pounds lost level. That will be a great day indeed!

How to keep it fresh?

After being on this journey for over 6 months now I have begun to get restless with my gym workouts. For most of this journey I have been in the same weekly routine at the gym.

  • Monday is weigh in day so I workout hard on the elliptical.
  • Tuesday I swim laps
  • Wednesday I do circuit training
  • Thursday I get back on the elliptical
  • Friday I swim laps
  • Saturday I do circuit training
  • Sunday I do the elliptical

This cycle has served me incredibly well, I never worried about time just how many calories I burned. The HMR system provides you with a chart based on your current weight and the intensity at which you are working. So my 28 min sessions on the elliptical at the beginning of my journey are now 60 min long sessions.

So lately I have really begun to branch out and explore lots more options for exercise. Some I have really liked others, not so much.

  • Hiking, I really love this one! The chance to get out in nature, explore the woods or trails is awesome. It also has the added benefit for me of being a great mind clearing time. The only thing that frustrates me about hiking is I am just now after 7 years in Jonesboro discovering all of the cool hiking trails.
  • Running, this one will take some more getting used to. I have however, gotten more and more used to running. Just last week I ran for thirty minutes! That is an awesome accomplishment for me. I may never be an everyday runner, but it is awesome to break up a routine!
  • Biking, I could probably do this one! I like the fact that biking is easy on your joints, plus there is the added benefit of being able to be outside and enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Spinning, the jury is still out on this one. I went to a class the other day and promptly dubbed it the hardest workout I’d done! There is no doubt that this is a touch workout, but it is an amazing feeling when you successfully complete a class!

So in short I have had a ton of fun exploring all the different options there are to get a good workout in! It has most definitely helped me stay in the gym and not quit out of boredom.

Week #27 updates

I must apologize for not posting on this blog for some time. I spent a week at camp with Junior Highers last week, and have not quite caught up with everything yet. I have had lots of little things happen since we have talked last so let me catch you up!

  • I had a great time at my birthday and while there one of my youth ministry kids took an amazing picture of me in “the Shirt”! It perfectly shows how much things have changed, so I thought I would share it with you here! 
  • While I was at camp I took the opportunity to do a lot of hiking in the backwoods of southern Missouri. It was so cool to be able to get lost on the back trails and have tons of energy to hike for over 2 hours! I had lots of tics, however that’s just a sign of being active and out in nature, you don’t get tics when you’re sitting on the couch!
  • One of the craziest figures they told us in class was that for every pound you lose you take 4 pounds of pressure of your joints. That means I have taken over 700 pounds of pressure off my joints!! That figure alone is simply amazing.
  • Last Friday night I wanted to try test myself and see how far I could run, so I set off running in the neighborhood, I ran and to my surprise I was able to keep running. In fact I ran for 30 min, a full half hour without stopping or feeling like I would die of exhaustion!
  • It has been hot and dry here in Jonesboro, no real measurable rain since the beginning of June and temperatures in the triple digits most days. I have been stunned how much easier I can tolerate the heat.
  • This last monday at my 27th weigh in I lost another 10 pounds, that brings my total to 177 pounds!! It is simply amazing to me that I have been able to continue to lose around 5 pounds every week this far into the diet and in the midst of summer camp season! Make sure and check out the numbers page to see the official numbers.
  • Now that fruits and veggies are on the horizon I am definitely looking forward to the day that I get to add them into my diet!

Week #25 Update

Well i can’t believe that I have already been on this journey for 25 weeks, in some ways it seems like it has been forever and in other ways it seems like it was just yesterday that I started. At the start of this journey I made a goal for myself to get under the 300 pound mark by my birthday, and at yesterday’s weigh in I weighed in at 287, a full 13 pounds under my target! When I set that goal, I hoped I would reach it, but it was such a lofty goal I never really imagined that I would really get there, yet here I am! The next goal I have on my radar is to lose 200 pounds by the time I go to Colorado in the fall, that is 13 weeks to lose about 33 pounds. A lofty goal no doubt, but at this point I have full confidence that I can make that goal.

People have been asking me what my ultimate goal is, and I always seem to give a wishy-washy answer. So I have finally come up with a tangible goal for myself, I want to weigh less than the amount of weight that I have lost. For me that means the magic number is 228 pounds, when I have lost that much weight I will weigh in at 227 pounds, maybe that is my Christmas goal!?!?

Make sure and stop by the numbers page and check out my weekly progress numbers, have a great week!