Week #25 Update

Well i can’t believe that I have already been on this journey for 25 weeks, in some ways it seems like it has been forever and in other ways it seems like it was just yesterday that I started. At the start of this journey I made a goal for myself to get under the 300 pound mark by my birthday, and at yesterday’s weigh in I weighed in at 287, a full 13 pounds under my target! When I set that goal, I hoped I would reach it, but it was such a lofty goal I never really imagined that I would really get there, yet here I am! The next goal I have on my radar is to lose 200 pounds by the time I go to Colorado in the fall, that is 13 weeks to lose about 33 pounds. A lofty goal no doubt, but at this point I have full confidence that I can make that goal.

People have been asking me what my ultimate goal is, and I always seem to give a wishy-washy answer. So I have finally come up with a tangible goal for myself, I want to weigh less than the amount of weight that I have lost. For me that means the magic number is 228 pounds, when I have lost that much weight I will weigh in at 227 pounds, maybe that is my Christmas goal!?!?

Make sure and stop by the numbers page and check out my weekly progress numbers, have a great week!



1 thought on “Week #25 Update

  1. It is so exciting to hear about the progress that you have made. I truly find it encouraging! So much so that i have turned a friend of mine on to your blog and he is now using it as a source of encouragment as he begins his own fitness journey. Keep up the good work Duane!

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