How to keep it fresh?

After being on this journey for over 6 months now I have begun to get restless with my gym workouts. For most of this journey I have been in the same weekly routine at the gym.

  • Monday is weigh in day so I workout hard on the elliptical.
  • Tuesday I swim laps
  • Wednesday I do circuit training
  • Thursday I get back on the elliptical
  • Friday I swim laps
  • Saturday I do circuit training
  • Sunday I do the elliptical

This cycle has served me incredibly well, I never worried about time just how many calories I burned. The HMR system provides you with a chart based on your current weight and the intensity at which you are working. So my 28 min sessions on the elliptical at the beginning of my journey are now 60 min long sessions.

So lately I have really begun to branch out and explore lots more options for exercise. Some I have really liked others, not so much.

  • Hiking, I really love this one! The chance to get out in nature, explore the woods or trails is awesome. It also has the added benefit for me of being a great mind clearing time. The only thing that frustrates me about hiking is I am just now after 7 years in Jonesboro discovering all of the cool hiking trails.
  • Running, this one will take some more getting used to. I have however, gotten more and more used to running. Just last week I ran for thirty minutes! That is an awesome accomplishment for me. I may never be an everyday runner, but it is awesome to break up a routine!
  • Biking, I could probably do this one! I like the fact that biking is easy on your joints, plus there is the added benefit of being able to be outside and enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Spinning, the jury is still out on this one. I went to a class the other day and promptly dubbed it the hardest workout I’d done! There is no doubt that this is a touch workout, but it is an amazing feeling when you successfully complete a class!

So in short I have had a ton of fun exploring all the different options there are to get a good workout in! It has most definitely helped me stay in the gym and not quit out of boredom.


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