Week #33 update

Well the summer is now offically over. I know it is not really technically over until after the Labor day holiday, but all of the teenagers are back in school now so that means I am back in a normal routine. Which when it comes to weight loss is a good thing, it means my workout times are the same, and that I do alot of the same things at the same times. It seems crazy to me that I am wrapping up eight months with this journey, in a lot of ways it seems like yesterday that I just got started and drank those first shakes. This week has ben pretty uneventful, but I will fill you in none the less:

  • I spent 2 days out of town at a retreat, and actually convinced the guys I was with to go the gym and get some exercise in.
  • I ran four days in a row this week. I can really see my self getting hooked on running, the more that I do it the more that I really love it!
  • Where have fruits and veggies been all my life! The more that I eat them the more that I love them. I even like a good apple or an orange over a candy bar. (That is simply an amazing statement, that I never thought I would make!)
  • I’m still working on the transition back to regular food. I’ve worked up to my five fruits or veggies a day, but now it is time to add in lean protein. That is going to be a great day!
  • Only 18 pounds to my goal. I never in a million years thought I would make it to my goal weight. When I put down the 227 number it was just wishful thinking, but to actually be this close is crazy. The other crazy thing is to make it this far in this short amount of time.

Well stay tuned as I march ever closer to my goal weight!



Countdown to my Goal weight!!


Now that I have begun my transition to normal food, with the reintroduction of fruits and veggies, I really feel like I can get excited for my impending goal weight. I hardly seems possible that I am only a mere 25 pounds away from that magical number of 227! This last week I lost just 3.3 pounds, my smallest weight loss to date, but that is while eating 4 servings of fruits or veggies a day.

I am scheduled to run a 5K in mid october and am really excited to participate in this celebration of my successful journey!

Another great accomplishment

Well, a lot has definitely been happening since I have been able to update everyone so I thought that I would take some time and let you in on all that I have been up to.

  • I have started my transition phase of the HMR diet. They start you off with one Veggie a day, then in week two its two a day, then three a day and so on. They ultimately get you to 3 shakes, 2 entrĂ©e, 5 fruits or veggies a day. I do have to tell you that the first vegetable was an amazing feeling. After nearly 8 months of “shakes only” that baked potato was the best I had ever eaten!!
  • I have really been getting into running lately. I have worked my way up to running 3.25 miles without needing to stop! I by no means have a world record pace, but the fact that I can comfortably run and feel great about it is an awesome feeling. My plan right now is to run in a 5K in mid October, so I defiantly have some work to do on that front!
  • I continue to shrink out of my clothes at an alarming rate. I am now wearing XL shirts comfortably and size 38 pants! I never thought I would see the day where I would be in the 30’s again for my pant size!
  • Last night was a big night for me, I weighed in at 255.3 pounds that is exactly a loss of 200 pounds. Not a bad accomplishment for just under 8 months worth of work!

The number one question that I get asked these day is, “When are you going to stop losing weight?” I tell people all the time that I want to weigh less than the amount that I have lost. That number is 227, when I weight that I will have lost 228 pounds! That will be an awesome day!