10 things I never thought I would say…ever!

I got to thinking about all of things that have changed so dramatically in my life in this last year, and it got me to thinking just how much! So I wanted to share with you 10 things I have said recently that taken in the context of where I have come from are shocking!

  1. “Do you have that in a Large?” Here in the past few weeks, I have begun the process of shopping for new winter clothes, and since I can now fit into a Large, that means any and all stores are an option for me! It used to be I could shop at only one of the department stores in the mall, now it’s any store, any time, anything I want! I’m like a kid in a candy store with all of these choices!!
  2. “You want my double X shirts, they are to big for me?” When I started losing weight back in January, double X clothes were just a dream to me. Now, they are mostly to big on me and frankly they’re about to go the way of my old “fat clothes”!
  3. “I need to buy a reflective shirt so I can run at night!” I said this to a friend last week, when I took off on a crisp, moonlit night for a great evening run. The run was awesome, but probably not the safest thing that I have ever done it my life!
  4. “I only ran four and half miles today.” I have come so far from that first night when I attempted to walk a 5K distance!
  5. “Can we go eat somewhere that has a good salad?” I am not going to kid with you and pretend that I don’t eat bad food, but that is now more the exception instead of the norm. Sunday after church, I made sure our group went to a place that had great salad, not just typical unhealthy “american” food.
  6. “Why am I shopping in the big and tall section?” There was a huge sale at one of the area department stores last weekend, it has a great big and tall section and I have shopped there for years. I caught myself standing in the middle of that section asking why am I here? To my delight I got to move to the much larger, “normal people” cloths section!
  7. “I’m out of fruit, how am I going to start my day?” This actually happened to me this week, I woke up and made my morning bowl of oatmeal and looked to add a couple of cups of fresh fruit, only to find I was all out. It was a sad start to my day and yet at the same time strange to think I have come so far from my gas station breakfast days.
  8. “Man, have I really had 10 servings of Fruits and Veggies today?” That is an earth shattering change to go from a person who’s closest interaction with vegetables was french fries, and I never ate fruit unless it was in a pie or stuffed in a doughnut!
  9. “So I guess losing 222 pounds is kind of a big deal.” Most days it doesn’t sink in to me that the amount of weight that I have lost. I mean I have now lost the equivalent of an average overweight adult male. I guess it is true when you live with yourself you don’t always see or wrap your brain around the magnitude of your accomplishments.
  10. “Don’t worry about it I’m used to people walking right by me.” I always make this statement in the following scenario.
    • I’m walking through the mall, store, or athletic game, when I see a former student or acquaintance.
    • I do the whole smile, head nod, and “Hey, how are you?” 
    • They walk right past me with out even acknowledging me or look at me with a “Who is that?” look on their face.
    • I keep walking slightly peeved they didn’t at least give me a courtesy nod.
    • They come running back and say something to the effect of: “Wow, I didn’t even recognize! You look so different, how did you do it?” 
    • I say “don’t worry about it, I’m used to it…”

    I will never get used to that whole exchange, however I must say that I have come to love that response the most!

So there it is a list of things I never, ever thought in a million years thought I would say, or say again in some cases, yet I say these all on a regular basis. It is most definitely an ongoing process adjusting to life, post weight loss. I do know that life will be fuller because of this journey!


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