So where have I been?

Sorry about the massive cliff hanger that I have left for those of you who follow my blog. About a month ago I left you with the fact that I was only one pound away from my goal weight and that I was heading in to the next week determined to hit my goal weight.


I made my goal weight, in almost exactly 9 and a half months. I started on the 9th of January and finished up on October the 23rd, on that day I weighed in at 226 pounds and I had lost 228 pounds!! Then two days later I had family come to town, followed by a death in the family, followed by a crazy busy time with the ministry, so I forgot to write about it here! There has also been some other goals met during my blog silence.

  • Saturday the 27th I was able to complete and compete in my first official 5K. I ran it in 31:35 and finished 3rd in my division. It was a super cold morning and the course was not the easiest, but it felt amazing to be out their!!
  • I was also able to fly without a seat belt extender for the first time in my life, that was a truly amazing feeling!
  • I ran 6 miles this last Sunday without stopping, and while feeling great about it!
  • While home for a few days, I got to reintroduce myself to all my family, and I was constantly confused for my younger – and until now smaller – brother!

So now what? That is the question that I always get asked, and to be honest I don’t know. Now that I have found fit, I am learning that finding fit may have been the easy part, keeping it may be the real challenge! I will most definitely keep you up to date and in the loop about how it looks for me fighting the fight and sticking with it! I will leave you with a couple of my more recent pictures of me since reaching my goal.



Weekly update

Well today I had the most frustrating weigh in to date!! My goal for quite some time has been to weigh less than the amount that I have lost, which is a weight of 227 and a loss of 228. Well I weighed in today with a weight of 228, one stinking pound away, ugh. My celebration will have to wait another week, but I am super stoked about being so close to my ultimate goal.

Even though I am getting close to the end of the weight loss portion of my journey, I am still really just starting the healthy living portion of my weight loss. This will be the most challenging part of this whole process. I do know one thing for sure there is no way that I want to ever go back to the way I was, or weigh what I did.

This last week was also a big week for me the Center for Weight Loss at the St. Bernard’s Center for Weight Loss has decided that they are going to use my story in some of their marketing this fall so I got some photos done, so I felt I should share them here with you.

10 things I never thought I would say…ever!

I got to thinking about all of things that have changed so dramatically in my life in this last year, and it got me to thinking just how much! So I wanted to share with you 10 things I have said recently that taken in the context of where I have come from are shocking!

  1. “Do you have that in a Large?” Here in the past few weeks, I have begun the process of shopping for new winter clothes, and since I can now fit into a Large, that means any and all stores are an option for me! It used to be I could shop at only one of the department stores in the mall, now it’s any store, any time, anything I want! I’m like a kid in a candy store with all of these choices!!
  2. “You want my double X shirts, they are to big for me?” When I started losing weight back in January, double X clothes were just a dream to me. Now, they are mostly to big on me and frankly they’re about to go the way of my old “fat clothes”!
  3. “I need to buy a reflective shirt so I can run at night!” I said this to a friend last week, when I took off on a crisp, moonlit night for a great evening run. The run was awesome, but probably not the safest thing that I have ever done it my life!
  4. “I only ran four and half miles today.” I have come so far from that first night when I attempted to walk a 5K distance!
  5. “Can we go eat somewhere that has a good salad?” I am not going to kid with you and pretend that I don’t eat bad food, but that is now more the exception instead of the norm. Sunday after church, I made sure our group went to a place that had great salad, not just typical unhealthy “american” food.
  6. “Why am I shopping in the big and tall section?” There was a huge sale at one of the area department stores last weekend, it has a great big and tall section and I have shopped there for years. I caught myself standing in the middle of that section asking why am I here? To my delight I got to move to the much larger, “normal people” cloths section!
  7. “I’m out of fruit, how am I going to start my day?” This actually happened to me this week, I woke up and made my morning bowl of oatmeal and looked to add a couple of cups of fresh fruit, only to find I was all out. It was a sad start to my day and yet at the same time strange to think I have come so far from my gas station breakfast days.
  8. “Man, have I really had 10 servings of Fruits and Veggies today?” That is an earth shattering change to go from a person who’s closest interaction with vegetables was french fries, and I never ate fruit unless it was in a pie or stuffed in a doughnut!
  9. “So I guess losing 222 pounds is kind of a big deal.” Most days it doesn’t sink in to me that the amount of weight that I have lost. I mean I have now lost the equivalent of an average overweight adult male. I guess it is true when you live with yourself you don’t always see or wrap your brain around the magnitude of your accomplishments.
  10. “Don’t worry about it I’m used to people walking right by me.” I always make this statement in the following scenario.
    • I’m walking through the mall, store, or athletic game, when I see a former student or acquaintance.
    • I do the whole smile, head nod, and “Hey, how are you?” 
    • They walk right past me with out even acknowledging me or look at me with a “Who is that?” look on their face.
    • I keep walking slightly peeved they didn’t at least give me a courtesy nod.
    • They come running back and say something to the effect of: “Wow, I didn’t even recognize! You look so different, how did you do it?” 
    • I say “don’t worry about it, I’m used to it…”

    I will never get used to that whole exchange, however I must say that I have come to love that response the most!

So there it is a list of things I never, ever thought in a million years thought I would say, or say again in some cases, yet I say these all on a regular basis. It is most definitely an ongoing process adjusting to life, post weight loss. I do know that life will be fuller because of this journey!

Week #37 update

Well after a week of vacation and weight gain of 2 pounds, I knew that it was time for my to get back into the box, back on track, and back to the basics! Well I am happy to say that it has worked out in a great way, I have lost 9 pounds this week! That makes my weight loss a staggering 221 pounds! That means that I am only 6 pounds away from my goal of 227 pounds! Oh what a great day that will be!!

It has been interesting for me to try and navigate the world of eating right and staying on the diet. This last week I ate out of the box 2 times and even though it was awesome, I felt guilty enough to work out extra hard those days, we will see how long that feeling lasts.

I felt that it was time that I included some new pictures so here is one of me at my high school graduation and one today:

Bringing everyone up to speed


Well I must apologize for the near two-week absence from my blog. I have been busy with some things and spent some time on vacation as well, so my blogging got put on the back burner.

Well I must say that their has been a lot of things go on that I need to catch everyone up on so here it goes:

  • I ran almost five miles last week!! I never thought that I would get in to or like running like I do, but I must say that it is quite awesome! I am currently working on being able to run a six-mile loop near my house. This also serves as good training for the 5K that I have coming up.
  • I have completely made the transition from all shakes to all real food, now I am eating, and navigating the crazy world of regular food while trying to finish up my dash to the finish line.
  • I am now only 15 pounds away from the finish line of 227 pounds. I still can’t believe that I am this close to my goals.
  • As I said earlier I was on vacation this last week, and went into it with no plan, or illusions that I would stay on my diet. As a result I posted the first weight gain this journey, 2.3 pounds to be exact. There are several things that I have learned from this last week.
    1. Old habits are super easy to come back. Eating like I did last week, shocked me how I fell right back into those old habits.
    2. Without any exercise in your life, weight gain is almost inevitable.
    3. As amazing as I remembered all that bad food being to eat, I forgot about how bad I felt after eating it. Tired from to many carbs, sluggish from over eating, and addicted to the act of eating not eating for sustenance.
  • After my trek back into the waters of over indulgence, I have been more committed than ever to seeing this through. Not only to my goal weight, but to the lifestyle change that I know it is going to take.
  • I always seem to work better when I have a goal that I am working to, right now my major goal is to make it to my goal weight by Halloween. The other goal that I have is to work up my distance so that I can run a Marathon before my two-year Weigh loss journey start date!

Week #33 update

Well the summer is now offically over. I know it is not really technically over until after the Labor day holiday, but all of the teenagers are back in school now so that means I am back in a normal routine. Which when it comes to weight loss is a good thing, it means my workout times are the same, and that I do alot of the same things at the same times. It seems crazy to me that I am wrapping up eight months with this journey, in a lot of ways it seems like yesterday that I just got started and drank those first shakes. This week has ben pretty uneventful, but I will fill you in none the less:

  • I spent 2 days out of town at a retreat, and actually convinced the guys I was with to go the gym and get some exercise in.
  • I ran four days in a row this week. I can really see my self getting hooked on running, the more that I do it the more that I really love it!
  • Where have fruits and veggies been all my life! The more that I eat them the more that I love them. I even like a good apple or an orange over a candy bar. (That is simply an amazing statement, that I never thought I would make!)
  • I’m still working on the transition back to regular food. I’ve worked up to my five fruits or veggies a day, but now it is time to add in lean protein. That is going to be a great day!
  • Only 18 pounds to my goal. I never in a million years thought I would make it to my goal weight. When I put down the 227 number it was just wishful thinking, but to actually be this close is crazy. The other crazy thing is to make it this far in this short amount of time.

Well stay tuned as I march ever closer to my goal weight!


Countdown to my Goal weight!!


Now that I have begun my transition to normal food, with the reintroduction of fruits and veggies, I really feel like I can get excited for my impending goal weight. I hardly seems possible that I am only a mere 25 pounds away from that magical number of 227! This last week I lost just 3.3 pounds, my smallest weight loss to date, but that is while eating 4 servings of fruits or veggies a day.

I am scheduled to run a 5K in mid october and am really excited to participate in this celebration of my successful journey!