Bringing everyone up to speed


Well I must apologize for the near two-week absence from my blog. I have been busy with some things and spent some time on vacation as well, so my blogging got put on the back burner.

Well I must say that their has been a lot of things go on that I need to catch everyone up on so here it goes:

  • I ran almost five miles last week!! I never thought that I would get in to or like running like I do, but I must say that it is quite awesome! I am currently working on being able to run a six-mile loop near my house. This also serves as good training for the 5K that I have coming up.
  • I have completely made the transition from all shakes to all real food, now I am eating, and navigating the crazy world of regular food while trying to finish up my dash to the finish line.
  • I am now only 15 pounds away from the finish line of 227 pounds. I still can’t believe that I am this close to my goals.
  • As I said earlier I was on vacation this last week, and went into it with no plan, or illusions that I would stay on my diet. As a result I posted the first weight gain this journey, 2.3 pounds to be exact. There are several things that I have learned from this last week.
    1. Old habits are super easy to come back. Eating like I did last week, shocked me how I fell right back into those old habits.
    2. Without any exercise in your life, weight gain is almost inevitable.
    3. As amazing as I remembered all that bad food being to eat, I forgot about how bad I felt after eating it. Tired from to many carbs, sluggish from over eating, and addicted to the act of eating not eating for sustenance.
  • After my trek back into the waters of over indulgence, I have been more committed than ever to seeing this through. Not only to my goal weight, but to the lifestyle change that I know it is going to take.
  • I always seem to work better when I have a goal that I am working to, right now my major goal is to make it to my goal weight by Halloween. The other goal that I have is to work up my distance so that I can run a Marathon before my two-year Weigh loss journey start date!

Week #27 updates

I must apologize for not posting on this blog for some time. I spent a week at camp with Junior Highers last week, and have not quite caught up with everything yet. I have had lots of little things happen since we have talked last so let me catch you up!

  • I had a great time at my birthday and while there one of my youth ministry kids took an amazing picture of me in “the Shirt”! It perfectly shows how much things have changed, so I thought I would share it with you here!¬†
  • While I was at camp I took the opportunity to do a lot of hiking in the backwoods of southern Missouri. It was so cool to be able to get lost on the back trails and have tons of energy to hike for over 2 hours! I had lots of tics, however that’s just a sign of being active and out in nature, you don’t get tics when you’re sitting on the couch!
  • One of the craziest figures they told us in class was that for every pound you lose you take 4 pounds of pressure of your joints. That means I have taken over 700 pounds of pressure off my joints!! That figure alone is simply amazing.
  • Last Friday night I wanted to try test myself and see how far I could run, so I set off running in the neighborhood, I ran and to my surprise I was able to keep running. In fact I ran for 30 min, a full half hour without stopping or feeling like I would die of exhaustion!
  • It has been hot and dry here in Jonesboro, no real measurable rain since the beginning of June and temperatures in the triple digits most days. I have been stunned how much easier I can tolerate the heat.
  • This last monday at my 27th weigh in I lost another 10 pounds, that brings my total to 177 pounds!! It is simply amazing to me that I have been able to continue to lose around 5 pounds every week this far into the diet and in the midst of summer camp season! Make sure and check out the numbers page to see the official numbers.
  • Now that fruits and veggies are on the horizon I am definitely looking forward to the day that I get to add them into my diet!

The side Effects of losing weight

I’ve talked a lot on here about the benefits of losing weight, like buying new clothes, fitting into restaurant booths, or having more energy. Today I want to share with you the my medical numbers the real reason that I am super excited to be losing weight.

Blood Pressure:

When I started this whole diet thing back in January I went in to get my initial numbers checked and when they took my blood pressure it was 210/120. Last week as they checked my blood pressure it was 116/72. Completely normal and below the suggested target!


For someone who is my age cholesterol is not something that you tend to worry about, when I started however my total cholesterol was 180, and now today it is at 144.


This for me is the one number that was craziest for me, they measure the amount of fat in your blood. The day that I started this diet they were at 298, considered a high level and at risk for lots of bad things. Today they are at 149, a completely normal level.

They also tested both my blood sugar, for risk of Diabetes, and Uric Acid levels, for risk of Gout. Both of these tests were already completely normal when i started the diet. It is absolutely crazy to me to see how much my medical health has been drastically changed for the better!

Just a short time ago

So today is “leap day” that crazy day ¬†that only comes every four years, like presidential elections and olympics. Today is a milestone on this journey, it is the 50th day of this journey. So I wanted to look back and reflect on how things have changed in these last 50 days.

  • I used to eat out every meal of every day. I was probably the most unhealthy eater you had ever met. Just to give you an idea I weighed in at 455, 50 days ago, to maintain that weight I had to eat just north of 5000 calories a day, and I was GAINING WEIGHT!!! Today a filling calorie high day for me is in the 1000 calorie range, and I am completely satisfied and I very rarely get hungry!
  • The gym and I had a love hate relationship. I would go to the gym and workout, but I never really liked going and I would go to fool myself in to thinking I could eat more cause I was “working out” if I went three or four times a week I was doing really well. Now I go to the gym every day without fail, I actually look forward to my time in the gym and feel sluggish if I don’t make it for that day. I am now up to 40-45 mins a day of hard sweat pouring workouts, either swimming laps or on an elliptical machine. I never every would have thought that I would like the gym like I do.
  • I used to not be able to make it though the day with out an afternoon nap. Sure I am still guilty of indulging in an occasional nap in the afternoon, but now they are in the 20 min range not an hour to hour and a half range like they were. I have tons of energy now and absolutely love that I can keep up with the teenagers so much better than I used to be able to.
  • My wardrobe was severely limited. 50 days ago I was down to being able to wear only one pair of jeans, and just a handful of shirts. I only wore slip on shoes because it was too much work bending over to tie my shoes. Today I can once again fit in to everything in my closet, and am now even able to fit in to cloths that were in storage cause they were too small. In fact in not to long I am going to have to once again put cloths in to storage, not because they are small, but because they are way to big!!
  • When I started this journey my blood pressure was high enough the doctors were concerned enough that they were going to put me on medicine for it. Today, my blood pressure is absolutely normal and I no longer am at risk for medicine.

These are just a small sampling of some of the things that are now completely different for me and I am so looking forward to what the next 50 days bring!


Another First

As most of you know most of the reason that began this journey was because of a conversation that I had with my senior minister about running a 5k. Well I was super stoked today when I was able to run a half mile on the treadmill without stopping!! I know that is not a long distance, but for someone who was north of 450 only a few short weeks ago, I am very, very excited!! I hope to work up to running a 5k by the end of April!

Where I want to be…

The deeper that I get into this whole journey and life transformation, the more and more I find myself setting small goals to mark my progress by. So I thought what better place for me to set out a few of these markers so that I have something to continually strive for.

  1. Drop below the 400 pound mark
  2. Cross the 100 pound mark weighing in at 355
  3. match my lowest weight of 299
  4. Cross the 200 pound mark weighing in at 255
  5. Hit my goal weight of 225

miscellaneous goals:

  1. Successfully run a 5K
  2. Successfully run a 10K
  3. Wear cloths not found in the big and tall section
  4. Sit in any restaurant booth with out fear of fitting.
  5. Be able to play pick up sports. (Not that I want to, but to be able to if I wanted to.)
  6. Be able to fly with out using a seat belt extender or being uncomfortable sitting next to someone.

I will most definetly be adding to these as time goes along!

Reason to lose weight #697

Improved Vital Signs

Even though I am only about one month into this journey I have been floored by how much my vital signs have already changed. When I first went in for my initial health evaluation, my blood pressure was high, and not a little high, but really high. When they tested it at the beginning of December it was 210/120. To say I was concerned about my BP was an understatement. The doctor was concerned enough about it to tell me that if I hadn’t of been starting a diet he was going to put me on high blood pressure medicine.

Fast Forward to Monday night, they checked by Blood pressure again like they do every night and it was 120/80! Normal and in check after just one month of dieting and no medication. I couldn’t be happier about these results!