Where I want to be…

The deeper that I get into this whole journey and life transformation, the more and more I find myself setting small goals to mark my progress by. So I thought what better place for me to set out a few of these markers so that I have something to continually strive for.

  1. Drop below the 400 pound mark reached 2/27/12!!
  2. Cross the 100 pound mark weighing in at 355 reached on 04/09/12
  3. match my lowest weight of 299 reached on 06/25/12
  4. Cross the 200 pound mark weighing in at 255 reached on 8/12/12
  5. Weigh less (at least 227) than what I have lost (more than 228)

Miscellaneous goals:

  1. Successfully run a 5K
  2. Successfully run a 10K
  3. Wear cloths not found in the big and tall section 06/15/12 I can now shop in the normal section of most stores, and am able to wear cloths from Old navy and American Eagle.
  4. Sit in any restaurant booth without fear of fitting. Reached 3/1/12 I was able to sit in the booths at Wings to Go with no problem. They have the smallest booths I know of.
  5. Be able to play pick up sports. (Not that I want to, but to be able to if I wanted to.) While at church camp I played Ultimate Frisbee with kids and had a blast!!
  6. Be able to fly without using a seat belt extender or being uncomfortable sitting next to someone.
  7. Sit next to someone at a theater or stadium with ease and not disturbing them.Reached 8/1/12, this is now a new thing!
  8. Fit in to jeans that are size    48    46    44    42    40    38    36    34
  9. comfortably wear shirts that are size XXXL    XXL    XL    L
  10. Be able to run: 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, 5 miles

I will most definitely be adding to these as time goes along!


6 thoughts on “Where I want to be…

  1. From a former fat girl who spent years battling anorexia, I can definitely understand what it feel like to want to be thin quickly, but I hope you are being careful not to lose it TOO quickly and not developing any eating habits in the opposite direction too. I just feel the need to say that sometimes when I see people getting excited by rapid progress. I’m not sure our bodies are meant to lose or gain weight so quickly. Anyway, I give you a lot of credit for taking control of your weight and your health. If you need any advice or tips, I have done tons of research on nutrition and healthy dieting and even on bodybuilding, and I am always happy to share! Best of luck to you!

  2. I love to read great weight loss stories, and you’re really meeting your goals. But, like the commenter above, I have a concern. What happens when you get to your final goal? How are you going to eat? My experience is that the only way to keep weight off is to really take a hard look at your diet and make the changes necessary to keep it healthy. 🙂

    • The good thing about the HMR program is that it comes in several phases. The first of which that I am currently on is very low calorie and restrictive. The next stage is to add in Fruits and vegetables with HMR entrees, this stage takes several weeks. After that you move in to what is called phase 2 where we continue to reintroduce normal food such as lean protein and complex carbs, this is done over a period of time as well. All the while I keep attending weekly classes not only for support, but also education about healthy eating and habits. The reason that I really like this plan is that fact that it is so comprehensive. They are definitely not a “eat like this loose your weight, now have a good day” type of program. Very much a lifestyle transformation, comprehensive type program. I like to think of myself on “Food Addicts Detox” right now, the process to go back in to normal eating is actually an extensive one.

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