Bringing everyone up to speed


Well I must apologize for the near two-week absence from my blog. I have been busy with some things and spent some time on vacation as well, so my blogging got put on the back burner.

Well I must say that their has been a lot of things go on that I need to catch everyone up on so here it goes:

  • I ran almost five miles last week!! I never thought that I would get in to or like running like I do, but I must say that it is quite awesome! I am currently working on being able to run a six-mile loop near my house. This also serves as good training for the 5K that I have coming up.
  • I have completely made the transition from all shakes to all real food, now I am eating, and navigating the crazy world of regular food while trying to finish up my dash to the finish line.
  • I am now only 15 pounds away from the finish line of 227 pounds. I still can’t believe that I am this close to my goals.
  • As I said earlier I was on vacation this last week, and went into it with no plan, or illusions that I would stay on my diet. As a result I posted the first weight gain this journey, 2.3 pounds to be exact. There are several things that I have learned from this last week.
    1. Old habits are super easy to come back. Eating like I did last week, shocked me how I fell right back into those old habits.
    2. Without any exercise in your life, weight gain is almost inevitable.
    3. As amazing as I remembered all that bad food being to eat, I forgot about how bad I felt after eating it. Tired from to many carbs, sluggish from over eating, and addicted to the act of eating not eating for sustenance.
  • After my trek back into the waters of over indulgence, I have been more committed than ever to seeing this through. Not only to my goal weight, but to the lifestyle change that I know it is going to take.
  • I always seem to work better when I have a goal that I am working to, right now my major goal is to make it to my goal weight by Halloween. The other goal that I have is to work up my distance so that I can run a Marathon before my two-year Weigh loss journey start date!

Week #24 update

As I talked about several weeks ago, my updates will continue to be sparse during the summer months. This week I am back to my routine following a great trip with the teenagers to a youth conference in Holland,MI. Here are several things from the last two weeks:

  • I played football in Lake Michigan with some of the guys last week, after an hour of running, jumping and diving in waist deep water, my legs and hips were shot. However, it was awesome to be able to keep up with the kids for that long!!
  • While at the Christ in Youth conference last week, I had the chance to run in to several people I only see occasionally. It was great to see their reactions, and get the chance to retell my story! They all told me how they love keeping up with my story, which I still can’t get over, but a shout out to those friends that I saw last week that read my blog!
  • I wore “the Shirt” in public for the first time last Sunday!! It was an awesome day to get to wear it to church and share it with so many people who have been a great encouragement to me!
  • I had to stare down some of my fiercest temptations this week, we had breakfast at Dunkin’ Doughnuts one morning, and Pizza Hut that night. That was not an easy day, but it felt so great to stare those foods down and win the battle of wills!
  • My weight loss journey is now on the HMR national site. You can click here and read it for yourself!
  • I sat in a booth at a restaurant yesterday, and when I sat down I thought to myself, “wow, these booths are huge!” it was just really nice not to have to squeeze into a booth!
  • I had my two-week weigh in today and I am happy to say that I weighed in at about 293 pounds!! That is the lightest that I have been my adult life! You can see the details of this week numbers here! That also means that I was able to reach my goal of being under 300 pounds by my birthday.

Where I want to be…

The deeper that I get into this whole journey and life transformation, the more and more I find myself setting small goals to mark my progress by. So I thought what better place for me to set out a few of these markers so that I have something to continually strive for.

  1. Drop below the 400 pound mark
  2. Cross the 100 pound mark weighing in at 355
  3. match my lowest weight of 299
  4. Cross the 200 pound mark weighing in at 255
  5. Hit my goal weight of 225

miscellaneous goals:

  1. Successfully run a 5K
  2. Successfully run a 10K
  3. Wear cloths not found in the big and tall section
  4. Sit in any restaurant booth with out fear of fitting.
  5. Be able to play pick up sports. (Not that I want to, but to be able to if I wanted to.)
  6. Be able to fly with out using a seat belt extender or being uncomfortable sitting next to someone.

I will most definetly be adding to these as time goes along!

Week #3 results

Well as promised I am posting the results of my 3rd week weigh in. So here they are:





Total: 30.1

I have to say that i am super excited about the weight loss this week. I was gone out of town with teenagers this weekend so I was most definitely out of my normal routine and away from home. So it could have been disastrous, but I was able to stay focused and on track! I blew past the 25 pound milestone, next stop is the 50 pound mark, and then into the 300’s!

Results of the weekend youth Trip.

I talked about last week that I was taking a group of teenagers out of town this weekend to a winter youth retreat. it was a long weekend and it was definitely filled with lots and lots of temptations, but I made it through! I sat and watched as the kids and other adults ate biscuits and gravy, fried Chicken, pancakes, and on and on and on. I was actually ok most of the time as long as I stayed on schedule and stayed ahead of my hunger. It really proved to me that if I can stay “in the box” while at a camp facing down food temptation for 3 straight days, I have no doubt that I can stick with this program.

Tonight is my weekly meeting and weigh in so I am looking forward to what I have lost this week. After two strait weeks of 11 pound losses, I am not holding my breath for another double digit week. Any thing over the 5 pound mark will just be a bonus.

A major test of my will power

This weekend I will be forced to face my will power head on. I am taking a group of teenagers out of town this weekend for a youth retreat. So all weekend I will be out of town, out of routine, and away from everything normal. So I have known for quite some time that this weekend was coming on the calendar, so luckily I have a plan of attack for the weekend. I actually sat down and wrote out my eating plan for the weekend, when I am going to eat and what, just so I could ensure staying “in the box”. So last night I did the most important packing of the weekend, I packed all my food, flavorings, blender and everything I will need to ensure that I stay in the box. Mostly though I will have to rely on my will power to get me through, the old saying “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” is so true!!

I will let you know how the weekend goes Sunday night when I get home. On a quick side note I weighed in at the gym yesterday and according to there scale I have lost another 5 pounds. That is unoffical, but it is exciting none the less, if that’s true I am now around 28 pounds!!