Friday randomness

We had a good rain last night and so things were a lot cooler today! I went to the lake at lunch this morning and was able to be out their without collapsing of heat exhaustion so I decided to see how the running thing would go. I ran 3 miles, let me say that again THREE MILES!! Super excited about another step forward in my journey! Then after the three mile run I walked a lap around the lake, which is about 2 miles. It feels good to be worn out from pushing myself!

I decided that it was time for me to break out some more pictures for y’all. The first is my normal set of mug shots, but then the last one is a compilation of all my face shots month-by-month all year-long.

Have a blessed and safe weekend!



How to keep it fresh?

After being on this journey for over 6 months now I have begun to get restless with my gym workouts. For most of this journey I have been in the same weekly routine at the gym.

  • Monday is weigh in day so I workout hard on the elliptical.
  • Tuesday I swim laps
  • Wednesday I do circuit training
  • Thursday I get back on the elliptical
  • Friday I swim laps
  • Saturday I do circuit training
  • Sunday I do the elliptical

This cycle has served me incredibly well, I never worried about time just how many calories I burned. The HMR system provides you with a chart based on your current weight and the intensity at which you are working. So my 28 min sessions on the elliptical at the beginning of my journey are now 60 min long sessions.

So lately I have really begun to branch out and explore lots more options for exercise. Some I have really liked others, not so much.

  • Hiking, I really love this one! The chance to get out in nature, explore the woods or trails is awesome. It also has the added benefit for me of being a great mind clearing time. The only thing that frustrates me about hiking is I am just now after 7 years in Jonesboro discovering all of the cool hiking trails.
  • Running, this one will take some more getting used to. I have however, gotten more and more used to running. Just last week I ran for thirty minutes! That is an awesome accomplishment for me. I may never be an everyday runner, but it is awesome to break up a routine!
  • Biking, I could probably do this one! I like the fact that biking is easy on your joints, plus there is the added benefit of being able to be outside and enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Spinning, the jury is still out on this one. I went to a class the other day and promptly dubbed it the hardest workout I’d done! There is no doubt that this is a touch workout, but it is an amazing feeling when you successfully complete a class!

So in short I have had a ton of fun exploring all the different options there are to get a good workout in! It has most definitely helped me stay in the gym and not quit out of boredom.

Week #27 updates

I must apologize for not posting on this blog for some time. I spent a week at camp with Junior Highers last week, and have not quite caught up with everything yet. I have had lots of little things happen since we have talked last so let me catch you up!

  • I had a great time at my birthday and while there one of my youth ministry kids took an amazing picture of me in “the Shirt”! It perfectly shows how much things have changed, so I thought I would share it with you here! 
  • While I was at camp I took the opportunity to do a lot of hiking in the backwoods of southern Missouri. It was so cool to be able to get lost on the back trails and have tons of energy to hike for over 2 hours! I had lots of tics, however that’s just a sign of being active and out in nature, you don’t get tics when you’re sitting on the couch!
  • One of the craziest figures they told us in class was that for every pound you lose you take 4 pounds of pressure of your joints. That means I have taken over 700 pounds of pressure off my joints!! That figure alone is simply amazing.
  • Last Friday night I wanted to try test myself and see how far I could run, so I set off running in the neighborhood, I ran and to my surprise I was able to keep running. In fact I ran for 30 min, a full half hour without stopping or feeling like I would die of exhaustion!
  • It has been hot and dry here in Jonesboro, no real measurable rain since the beginning of June and temperatures in the triple digits most days. I have been stunned how much easier I can tolerate the heat.
  • This last monday at my 27th weigh in I lost another 10 pounds, that brings my total to 177 pounds!! It is simply amazing to me that I have been able to continue to lose around 5 pounds every week this far into the diet and in the midst of summer camp season! Make sure and check out the numbers page to see the official numbers.
  • Now that fruits and veggies are on the horizon I am definitely looking forward to the day that I get to add them into my diet!

staying on track

One of the questions that I get asked on a regular basis is how do not cheat on such a strict diet like the HMR all liquid diet. The biggest thing that I have found helpful is the need to stay on track with my meals! So I thought that today I would give a brief rundown of my normal day and how I have structured it.

9:00 am Breakfast, this is Oatmeal (from HMR). Most mornings I take this to the office with me and I make it there and eat it while starting my day. 

12:00pm Shake, I usually grab a shake on my way out the door to the gym! I am not a morning person so I generally stay away from the early morning workout time. the gym is usually less crowded at this time and since my schedule is flexible so I take advantage of this time. While at the gym I usually do the Elliptical machine for about 30 minutes or so, love to use this machine! I also do circuit training a couple of days a week which provides a good change up from the every day routine of the elliptical! 

3:00 pm I have another shake. By this time in the afternoon, my workout is over, and i am back in the office. I more often then not have a hot coffee shake at this time. Hot Coffee blended with a choclate shake, a great way to make it through the day. 

6:00 pm most nights I grab two packets of chicken soup (from HMR). Most evenings I am out doing something, weather it is meeting with teenagers or doing PUblic Address for athletic events. The soup makes for a great dinner type meal and is easy to take with me. 

9:00 pm (or whenever I get home for the evening) I generally have a packet or two of pudding (from HMR). there is alot of variety to these if I add any kind of sugar free, fat free instant pudding mix. I also like to have this at the end of the day, cause it is a great meal to have while I watch the evening news. 

Well there you have it my typical day, the best part of eating like this is that I always stay ahead of my hunger, and I am never far away from my next meal. The other thing that I always make sure and do is drink between 3 quarts and a gallon of water every day, this does not count what it in my shakes, or if I drink a diet soda or two.

Have a blessed day!

Week One Results

Last night was my first weight in, I was a little bit nervous about how it was going to work out. I had high hopes, I knew going in from previous diets that in the first week you have a potential to lose alot of weight in a hurry mostly due to increased activity and water weight. I started the first night at 455, last night I came in at 443! That’s a 12 pound loss, I was kinda hoping and wishing that is would have been more, but all the while over joyed for 12.

In week two I have a couple of goals for myself, the first of which is to up my daily workouts, last week I was only doing 20-30 min walks. The other goal is to be more faithful with the water intake, at the start of last week I was taking in +/- 1 gallon of water every day, later in the week I wasn’t as faithful to that. This week I really want to make sure and get lots and lots of water.

Here’s to a great week 2 and another great weight loss number!

My first whisper of some sucess…

I wanted to share two quick things with everyone:

  • First of all, I was at the gym last night working out on the elliptical machine and decided to hope on the scale in the locker room before I started. Now keep in mind this was a different scale, different time of the day, and by no means official, how ever after three short days I lost… 10 pds. Now I know that at the start of any diet your body dumps a lot of water weight, but never the less I can’t be happier about this quick start.
  • Secondly, on Tuesday night I went for a walk around the high school track across from my house, cause of the fact I am on such low calories I was not able to be gone for that long, only about 30 mins. I was however to end the walk stronger then I thought, I was able to run the last 100 yards to my house. I know thats not a lot long way in the scheme of running a 5K it is however another step to build on. So between now and the end of April I will hopefully find the strength to run the rest of that 5K.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Successful First day

As you know yesterday marked the start of a brand new weight loss journey called HMR. I’m on what is called a very low calorie diet, yesterday I took in a little over 1000 calories. I had 6 shakes during the day yesterday all of which were very good, I have to say the early favorite right night is the vanilla Peanut Butter shake!

For those interested in my progress towards the 5K I did get a good workout in yesterday, about 2 miles, good workout and a nice start towards that goal. My trainers told me that my 5K is coming up the end of April, so I have some serious work to do between now and then .

I will say one of the side of effects of this diet is that thanks to all the water intake I am getting well aquatinted with the Restrooms here at the church.